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ID a Name b 53-AAA-db Slovenčina
ID a 53-AAA-db index
Zone f pdf
Page g 441
LSName h slovenčina
LSType i inner language
IsNotional k no
Notes l slovak, in [53=] Čeština (Czech): slovenština ➤ linguistically and geographically, the most central of the modern Slavonic languages probably the most widely inter-comprehensible with other languages in the Slavonic net
Scale o 6
19 Dialects
ISO-639 A ISO-639-1-Language-sk Slovak
GeoEntity C Slovensko | Česko | Magyarország
19 Nodes assigned
1 53-AAA-dba Slovenčina-F.
2 53-AAA-dbb Slovenčina-G.
3 53-AAA-dbc Moravsko-Slovenčina
4 53-AAA-dbd Dolná-Morava
5 53-AAA-dbe Trenčín-N.
6 53-AAA-dbf Trenčín-S.
7 53-AAA-dbg Orava-S.
8 53-AAA-dbh Liptov
9 53-AAA-dbi Turiec
10 53-AAA-dbj Zvoleň
11 53-AAA-dbk Tekov
12 53-AAA-dbl Hont
13 53-AAA-dbm Novohrad
14 53-AAA-dbn Gemer
15 53-AAA-dbo Spiš-S.
16 53-AAA-dbp Šariš
17 53-AAA-dbq Zemplin
18 53-AAA-dbr Už
19 53-AAA-dbs Slovenčina-Amerika

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