A tiny knowledge park.


Welcome to hortensj-garden.org — a tiny knowledge park.

This portal provides easy-to-use hierarchical access to free geographical and linguistic information resources. You can also find some digitized pages of old encyclopedias, atlases and other books including some old maps; and information about related persons and organisations.

This portal is implemented by means of two software products developed at the hortensj-garden-labs: TreeViewer and PlusUltra. All rights reserved.

hortensj-garden.org is and will stay free of advertisements. You don't need an account for the bulk of the content. We do not use cookies nor javascript.

This is a private and completely independent project: no political, economic, religious, academic or other organisation stands behind us. Donations are welcome.


Dr. Jens Rainer Roth • Birkenweg 1 • 79771 Klettgau-Rechberg • Germany



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