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ID a & Name b 3= AUSTRONESIAN phylosector
Page g 225
LSType i sector
Grouping j phylo
IsNotional k no
Notes l This phylosector covers 72 sets of languages (1,179 outer languages, comprising 3,182 inner languages) spoken by predominantly island-dwelling communities, located from the western Indian Ocean to the eastern Pacific and constituting the Austronesian intercontinental affinity. They extend more than half-way around the planet (eastwards from 43o E to 109o W; see note under phylozone 39=), and have also been associated with the languages of phylozone 47=Daic, within the "Austro-Tai" hypothesis. Zone 30= covers languages spoken on the island of Taiwan (Formosa), and zone 31= covers languages spoken by communities situated on most of the islands from the Philippines and the Celebes through Java, Southeast Asia (including Hainan island in China), Borneo and Sumatra to Madagascar: 30=TAIWANIC 31=HESPERONESIC Zones 32= to 39= cover languages spoken on most of the islands from the Nusa Tenggera archipelago through New Guinea and across the Pacific, as far as New Zealand / Aotearoa, French Polynesia and Hawaii: 32=MESONESIC 33=HALMAYAPENIC 34=NEOGUINEIC 35=MANUSIC 36=SOLOMONIC 37=KANAKIC 38=WESTPACIFIC 39=TRANSPACIFIC
10 Zones • 72 Sets • 194 Chains • 521 Nets • 1179 OuterLanguages • 3181 InnerLanguages • 407 Dialects • 517 ISO-639-Relatives
ISO-639 A 1 ISO-639-5-Collective-map Austronesian
Match 2
ID a & Name b 79-AAA-k Qiong-Wen
Zone f pdf
Page g 565
LSName h Qiong-wen
LSType i outer language
IsNotional k no
Notes l Hainanese, hainan min, qiongwen-hua, wen-chang ⊕ Hainan island
Scale o 6
5 InnerLanguages • 13 Dialects
GeoEntity C 1 China

1-2 of 2 matches of 32810 nodes total

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