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The Linguasphere Register: Index of 79-AAA-f Gan

1 chang-jing 79-AAA-fad 79-AAA-fad
2 da-tong 79-AAA-fae 79-AAA-fae
3 dong-sui 79-AAA-fai 79-AAA-fai
4 fu-guang 79-AAA-fac 79-AAA-fac
5 Gan 79-AAA-f(a) 79-AAA-fa
6 huai-ye 79-AAA-faa 79-AAA-faa
7 ji-cha 79-AAA-fag 79-AAA-fag
8 kan 03-AAA-eh; 79-AAA-fa; 91-GEB-aa 79-AAA-fa
9 lei-zi 79-AAA-fah 79-AAA-fah
10 shanbei 79-AAA-faa 79-AAA-faa
11 yi-liu 79-AAA-faf 79-AAA-faf
12 ying-yi 79-AAA-fab 79-AAA-fab

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