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ID a Name b 52-ACB-hd Mennoniten-Plaut
ID a 52-ACB-hd index
Zone f pdf
Page g 437
LSName h mennoniten-plaut
LSType i inner language
IsNotional k no
Notes l mennoniten-platt, mennonitisch, mennoniten-plattdeutsch, mennoniten-niederdeutsch, "low-german mennonite" ¶ originally spoken in Westpreussisch speaking-area by the northern Mennonite communities established from the late 16th cent. on the lower Vistula by migrants from the Netherlands (Friesland). Carried in 18th cent by Mennonite communities eastwards to the then Russian Empire, subsequently from 1870's to North America and from 1920's also to Mexico and South America. ; based on [52=] Westpreussisch; influenced consecutively by [52=] Nederlands, [53=] Slavic & [54=] Lietuvishkai (Lithuanian), [52=] English and [51=] Español. Not inter-intelligible with [52=] Pennsylvanisch-Dietsch, notwithstanding their parallel histories.
Scale o 4
4 Dialects
ISO-639 A ISO-639-3-Language-pdt Plautdietsch
GeoEntity C Deutschland | Ukraine | Russia | United States | Canada | Mexico | Costa Rica | Bolivia | Paraguay | Uruguay | Argentina | Brazil
4 Nodes assigned
1 52-ACB-hda Russland-Mennonitisch
2 52-ACB-hdb Nordamerika-Mennonitisch
3 52-ACB-hdc Mexiko-Mennonitisch
4 52-ACB-hdd Südamerika-Mennonitisch

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