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ID a Name b 52-ACB-h Auswanderungsdeutsch
ID a 52-ACB-h index
Zone f pdf
Page g 437
LSName h Auswanderungsdeutsch
LSType i outer language
IsNotional k yes
Notes l part of "expatriate german" ¶ this notional outer-language represents a socio-linguistic category. The component communities share (with [52=]Yiddish-E.) a common history of German primary language maintenance in an expatriate environment, with frequent exchanges and links among themselves, and with a commonly occurring duality between the conservation of traditional spoken idioms (and amalgamations of traditional idioms) and the cultivation of formal written German (Hochdeutsch). The overlap and interchange among forms of North, Central, South and Swiss German (see [52=] Deutsch-N., Deutsch-C., Deutsch-S. and Schwytzertütsch) make it more convenient to treat these expatriate idioms (and communities) together, listing them in the approximate chronological order of their original departure from the German-speaking heartland. Most speakers of German idioms in eastern Europe (excluding Romania) were displaced in or after 1945, with many fleeing to Germany. 𝒮 Latin script
Script n Latin
Scale o 6
22 InnerLanguages • 24 Dialects • 4 ISO-639-Relatives
ISO-639 A ISO-639-1-Language-de German
GeoEntity C Romania | Moldova | Croatia | Česko | Slovensko | Polska | Ukraine | Russia | Georgia | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Uzbekistan | Tajikistan | United States | Canada | Mexico | Costa Rica | Bolivia | Paraguay | Uruguay | Argentina | Brazil | South Africa | Australia | Papua New Guinea
22 Nodes assigned
1 52-ACB-ha Siebenbürgersächsisch
2 52-ACB-hb Zipfer-Sächsisch
3 52-ACB-hc Hutterer-Deutsch
4 52-ACB-hd Mennoniten-Plaut
5 52-ACB-he Pennsylvanisch-Dietsch
6 52-ACB-hf Esserisch
7 52-ACB-hg Galizisch-Pfälzisch
8 52-ACB-hh Banater-Schwäbisch
9 52-ACB-hi Oberwischauisch
10 52-ACB-hj Sathmarisch
11 52-ACB-hk Bukowina-Deutsch
12 52-ACB-hl Schwarzmeer-Deutsch
13 52-ACB-hm Wolga-Deutsch
14 52-ACB-hn Mittelasiatisches-Deutsch
15 52-ACB-ho Argentinien-Schwyzertütsch
16 52-ACB-hp Brazilien-Deutsch
17 52-ACB-hq Lagunen-Deutsch
18 52-ACB-hr Texasdeutsch
19 52-ACB-hs Amana-Deutsch
20 52-ACB-ht Natalerdeutsch
21 52-ACB-hu Unser-Deutsch
22 52-ACB-hv Templer-Schwäbisch

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