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ID a Name b 52-ACB Deutsch + Nederlands
ID a 52-ACB index
Zone f pdf
Page g 425
LSType i net
IsNotional k no
Notes l GERMAN+ DUTCH, deutsch+ "dutch", 'teutonic' ➤ The modern spoken and recorded idioms of this net are classified below within the following outer-languages: [52=-ACB-a] Nederlands+ Vlaams for traditional and standardised idioms of Dutch, spoken or recorded in the Low Countries; [52=-ACB-b] Afrikaans+ Creool for semi-creolised and creolised idioms of Dutch spoken by communities outside Europe; [52=-ACB-c] Deutsch-N. (Norddeutsch) for traditional and standardised idioms of 'Low' German (in the geographic sense, excluding Dutch); [52=-ACB-d] Deutsch-C. (Mitteldeutsch) for traditional and standardised idioms of Central German (including New 'High' German in the cultural sense); [52=-ACB-e] Deutsch-S. (Süddeutsch+ Österreichisch) for traditional non-Swiss idioms of 'Upper' German (in the geographic sense, including the medieval literary language known as Middle 'High' German, in both the geographic and cultural sense); [52=-ACB-f] Schwytzertütsch for the distinctive southwestern idioms of Upper German spoken in the Swiss cantons and adjacent areas; [52=-ACB-g] Yiddish for the Hebraicised idioms of German; [52=-ACB-h] Auswanderungsdeutsch for idioms of German developed and maintained by a diaspora of émigré communities throughout the world; and finally [52=-ACB-i] Yenish (Rotwelsch or German cant). ; There has been, and continues to be, widespread transition and influence among individual idioms of Deutsch+ Nederlands (both among and within the voices of individual speakers), but with a predominanting influence < the principal standardised idioms, [52=] Hochdeutsch-F. and [52=] Algemeen-Nederlands. # the term 'teutonic' (cognate with deutsch and dutch, and no longer used as a synonym of Germanic as a whole) would provide an appropriate single name for this net, but may still retain some unacceptable cultural overtones. 𝒮 from c.750: Latin script
Script n Latin
9 OuterLanguages • 91 InnerLanguages • 397 Dialects • 35 ISO-639-Relatives
9 Nodes assigned
1 52-ACB-a Nederlands + Vlaams
2 52-ACB-b Afrikaans + Creool
3 52-ACB-c Deutsch-N.
4 52-ACB-d Deutsch-C.
5 52-ACB-e Deutsch-S.
6 52-ACB-f Schwytzertütsch
7 52-ACB-g Yiddish
8 52-ACB-h Auswanderungsdeutsch
9 52-ACB-i Yenish

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