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ID a Name b 52-ABA-b Anglo-English
ID a 52-ABA-b index
Zone f pdf
Page g 415
LSName h Anglo-English
LSType i outer language
IsNotional k no
Notes l southern british-isles traditional english (including old anglo-irish) # the term anglo-english is used here to distinguish the written and spoken idioms of localised traditional English (in England with parts of Wales and Ireland) which evolved from and submerged Old English ⊕ extension from England to South Wales from end 11th century and to Ireland from end 12th century ; progressively submerged in its turn by the less varied dialects of Global English (British Colloquial, Cambrian English and Hiberno-English)
Scale o 5*
4 InnerLanguages • 33 Dialects • 1 ISO-639-Relative
GeoEntity C United Kingdom
4 Nodes assigned
1 52-ABA-ba Transitional-English
2 52-ABA-bb Midlands-Angloenglish
3 52-ABA-bc Southern-Angloenglish
4 52-ABA-bd Old-Anglo-Irish

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