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ID a Name b 50-ABA-a Cymraeg
ID a 50-ABA-a index
Zone f pdf
Page g 387
LSName h Cymraeg
LSType i outer language
IsNotional k no
Notes l y gymraeg, iaith gymraeg, "welsh", "cymric", in [50=] Gaeilge (Irish): breatnais, in [51=] Français: gallois, cymrique, kymrique; including a wide range of local forms of the language-name: cymraig, cymrêig, cwmrâg, cymrâg, cymrêg, etc. bilingual < [52=] English # the traditional English name "Welsh" is derived from Old English walh =«Celtic or Roman foreigner», and a case can be made for the promotion of "Cymric" as a more appropriate name in English ¶ after strong survival throughout Wales until the 19th century, there was a steady decline in the number and proportion of Welsh-speakers throughout the 20th century, a trend arrested and reversed in the younger generation by the institutionalisation of Welsh as a co-official language in Wales (Welsh Language Act, 1967) and by its strong promotion in education and the media ➤ strong lexical links (cognates plus loans) with [51=] Latin 𝒮 from c.650: Latin script
Script n Latin
Scale o 5
4 InnerLanguages • 16 Dialects
ISO-639 A ISO-639-1-Language-cy Welsh
GeoEntity C United Kingdom | Argentina | United States
4 Nodes assigned
1 50-ABA-aa Cymraeg-L.
2 50-ABA-ab Cymraeg-F.
3 50-ABA-ac Cymraeg-N.
4 50-ABA-ad Cymraeg-S.

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