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ID a Name b 45-AAA-a Hankukmal
ID a 45-AAA-a index
Zone f pdf
Page g 353
LSName h Hankukmal
LSType i outer language
IsNotional k no
Notes l Korean, hankwuk-mal, chosŏn-ŏ, chosŏn-mal, koryŏ-mal # Hankuk, Hankwuk =post-1948 (South Korean) name for «Korea»; Chosŏn = former (dynastic, and continuing North Korean) name for «Korea»; Koryŏ = former (alternative dynastic, and continuing Central Asian) name for «Korea» ; lexicon heavily influence < [79=] Han-yu (Chinese) ➤ dialects distinguished largely by province; more precise linguistic areas to be defined and amplified
Scale o 7
11 InnerLanguages • 26 Dialects
GeoEntity C Democratic People's Republic of Korea | Republic of Korea | China | Russia | Uzbekistan | Kazakhstan | Japan
11 Nodes assigned
1 45-AAA-aa Chosŏnmal-L.
2 45-AAA-ab P'Yojun-Ŏ
3 45-AAA-ac Chosŭnmunhwa-Ŏ
4 45-AAA-ad Hankukmal-CW.
5 45-AAA-ae Hankukmal-CE.
6 45-AAA-af Hankukmal-SW.
7 45-AAA-ag Hankukmal-NW.
8 45-AAA-ah Hankukmal-CN.
9 45-AAA-ai Hankukmal-NE.
10 45-AAA-aj Hankukmal-SE.
11 45-AAA-ak "Hankukmal-Émigré"

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